Klick Oasis Systems is a dynamic and rapidly growing company that specializes in providing IT consulting and software development services to a diversified client base.

Klick Oasis Systems focuses on helping businesses cut back expenses with reliable consulting.

Klick Oasis Systems primary objective is to help companies maximize their IT resources and meet the ever-changing IT needs and challenges.

Since our founding in 2015 Klick Oasis Systems Inc has provided application analysis, design, development and programming, software engineering, systems development, testing, integration, implementation and management consulting services to various clients including governmental agencies and private companies, We provide these services in multiple computing environments and use technologies such as client/server architecture, object-oriented programming languages, Enterprise Applications like SAP, Success factors, Salesforce and tools, distributed database management systems, state-of-the-are networking, and communication infrastructures. We have a gross estimated income of approximately $650k and require the services of a qualified Software Developer in order to help provide the above mentioned services to our clients.